What Our Clients Say

“Arin is a true expert in his field, but what I appreciate the most is his feel for and his understanding of people from different parts of the world who may ask strange questions based on the jurisdiction in their respective home countries and the experience they have had with it. At Quantage, I feel being taken care of rather than just being lectured. Thank you.”

— Julian Angel (Germany)

“I came to Quantage with a backlog of unfiled taxes stretching back several years. Complicating matters, I was earning income both as an overseas expat and as a freelancer with a US address. I wasn’t sure how to even begin navigating the maze of IRS forms, let alone doing so for multiple, international income streams. After a brief correspondence, they not only astutely selected the correct forms needed for my case, but managed to complete them in a way that significantly reduced taxes owed and kept penalties at zero. I will absolutely call on Quantage going forward and can’t recommend their friendly, efficient service highly enough.”

— Jonathan D. (Tokyo, Japan)